Welcome To Timber Point

Hours:  weather permitting, check daily update listed below:
Weekdays: 7 AM - 5:30 PM.
Weekends: 6 AM - 5:30 PM.    

  • Only paid golfers permitted on course.  No riders or walkers are allowed on course at any time.
  • Walk-ups subject to riding cart availability, otherwise it's walking only.  
  • No $100 bills accepted in first hour of business. 
  • No Green Keys sold before 9 AM. 
  • No Club Rentals.      

Daily Update:  
Wednesday- May 31st.
*Please Note* there is construction going on just outside the bathroom entrance, take caution walking and or riding in a cart as you go by.       

  • Red to Blue - 18 Holes.        
  • 9 Hole White Course - opens at 8 AM.        
  • Keep riding carts out of high grass / fescue.  Replace divots, repair ball marks and rake bunkers.  Use trash receptacles.
  • Be mindful of pace of play, each 9 should take less than 2 hours, 15 minutes.   

Cancellation Link:
Click - Note if you cannot find confirmation email that was sent when you booked, check your spam folder.  

Best way to communicate with us:
Click to email us - for all assistance including golf outings, lessons and merchandise.